The romantic ideal of An English Gentleman lives on. An English Gentleman helps you be a true gentleman despite the sometimes contradictory modern reality in which we find ourselves.

An English Gentleman is not just about manners and style, undoubtedly important those these are. It’s about who you are. It’s about a genuine selflessness, the importance of setting high standards, the importance of honour and a desire for self-improvement. It’s about the power of charm with a touch of bravado. It’s about respect and equality and having a sense of propriety. It’s about being consistent yet having the ability to grow and change. Above all it’s about what’s in your heart, since if a man has the heart of a gentleman then in spite of everything he will be seen as a gentleman.

So if you want to find out what makes a gentleman, what to do, when and where, An English Gentleman is for you. Here you will find advice from the English Gentleman and his readers. You can pose questions and contribute comments and peruse the opinions of others.

All aspects of being a gentleman are covered from sartorial elegance to taking off your hat when you enter a restaurant. In short, An English Gentleman aims for – in the words of quintessential English poet Lord Byron – A finish’d gentleman from top to toe.

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