Valentine’s Dilemma

February 6th, 2011

Dear English Gentleman,

It is shortly Valentine’s Day and since our one-year anniversary will coincide with this very romantic date, I want to buy my girlfriend a set of super sexy lingerie. I have already done my homework and scoped out some potentially nice shops where I could buy her very classy, tasteful, and beautiful silk undergarments, but to tell you the truth I’m a bit intimidated once walking in the door. I mean, what’s all those different bra sizes and cups with double letters and numbers AA, AB, B, C, D, E all about? And then how does that correlate to panties size? Honestly, I don’t know where to start, not to mention that I don’t want to look like an idiot or a pervert standing in the shop with all these beautiful ladies walking in and out and being the only guy inside! Is there a solution to my predicament?


Dear Perplexed,

Firstly, do some research – have a discrete look in you girlfriend’s underwear drawer. Brassieres or bras are bought by band size (e.g. 32 inches) and cup size (e.g. B cup), 32B for example. AA means smaller than an A cup and DD bigger than a D cup. Have a look for these numbers and remember them. Don’t worry if your girlfriend has bras in different sizes – they do vary – just try and find what her ‘average’ size is. Don’t worry about the style of your girlfriend’s bras. Now for the lower half. Have a look at your girlfriend’s panties – the size will be marked either as a number e.g. 8, 10, 12 or as a letter, e.g. S (small), M (medium) and so on. Have a look and remember the number or letter. The next thing to think about is style: make a mental note of what her most skimpy pair looks like (front, back, sides). I’d always advise buying separate (but matching) bra and panties – there really isn’t any correlation between tops and bottoms!

Your mission is to get your girlfriend underwear which (a) fits (but see my caveat below) and (b) is more sexy than anything she already has. You need to build on what she has already – so remember those panties? Buy something slightly more skimpy but avoid anything radically different. As for the bra then be brave and buy something which you think looks very sexy. Remember you are buying something special – not everyday wear.

An important caveat: Women cannot rely on labelled bra sizes to identify a bra that fits properly, so there’s a possibility that whatever you purchase may not fit perfectly. The same applies to panties. But it’s very much a case of the thought which counts! Your girlfriend will appreciate having a boyfriend who is not ignorant about such matters and there’s always an excuse to buy more lingerie later on.

Now for the shopping. You will need at least half a day. Find a good street with (ideally) several lingerie shops. Go straight up to the shop assistant and say “I am looking for something for my girlfriend”. Simple as that. This avoids the “I’m just looking” ploy which thus avoids your concern of ‘being a pervert standing in the shop with all these beautiful ladies walking in and out’.

Tell the shop assistant that you’d like a matching set, in silk, in red or black. The rest will be easy and non-stressful. Enjoy it. But be warned – in my experience you may well have to visit lots of shops; typically one shop has everything but not in the desired size, or not in the right colour, or not the style, or not in silk. Avoid buying something because there seems to be nothing else; take your time. When you eventually find something – and you will – buy it. Do not ask for it to be gift-wrapped, rather gift wrap it yourself. Buy a nice box, tissue paper, and ribbon…

One final thought. Remember that the lingerie is just part of your girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day: be romantic, perhaps surprising your girlfriend with a bed of scented rose petals, chilled champagne and your gift-wrapped lingerie…

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