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December 7th, 2011

I often get requests to write about what would make a good gift for a gentleman. Without further ado and in light of the coming Christmas holidays, I present a few suggestions that may do for a gentleman young or old, ranging in taste from the classic to the modern.


The Bottle:

This versatile gift is appropriate for occasions as simple as an evening dinner or as important as a christening or wedding. Assuming the recipient is not abstinent (and here the reader is entrusted to exercise the utmost caution so as to not cause offence), this gift is appropriate for any gentleman no matter the social distance from the gift giver, whether family or professional acquaintance.

The Gadget:

Appropriate for young personalities, the gadget gift is bound to delight as much as a box of sweets on Christmas morning. Accessories for existing gadgets also make good gifts if the man in question already has a primary gadget like a cell phone, a laptop, or a video game console, whose capabilities can easily be expanded with a modest gift of software or hardware.

The Tie:

A simple, no frills gift, known to save the gift-giver from unsolvable or pressing gift-giving quandries (i.e. you ran out of time). While ties can vary tremendously in quality and price, a silk tie is absolutely imperative if your recipient is a gentleman. Polyester is a major faux-pass, and will tend to embarass both recipient and gift giver, so do your utmost to avoid. Same thing goes for ties with flashing LEDs, unless the gentleman in question is a very young university student studying engineering.

The Intimate:

These are the sorts of gifts you give a gentleman of your intimate acquaintance: toiletries (cologne, shaving kit) and items of clothing (shirts, undershirts, boxer shorts). Because the kind of gift can be an explicit statement of the intimacy level of your relationship, caution is suggested so as to not give the wrong idea. Also do not give briefs to a boxers man and vice-versa! Though boxer-briefs might be a good compromise. Additionally, do not give gifts in this category to a man if you are also a man.

The Hobby Accessory:

Chances are the gentleman in your life has one or several hobbies he indulges in during his leisure hours. If you are well-acquainted with his interests, a missing item in his collection or tool to engage in his passtime activity will be very much appreciated. This gift is particularly significant because if you are able to hit the mark with this one it will send a clear signal to your man that you appreciate him and know him well.  


The Watch:

A timeless classic, this item is sure to please the gentleman in your life. A versatile gift, the watch indicates more about the wearer than the mark of the hours. Models ranging from zany and modern, electronic to winding, and economical to collector’s items worthy of a family heirloom make this item a sign of status and personality. Choose well on this gift and the man who receives it will likely treasure and cherish it forever.

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